Views and Opinions from the Underworld: How to Better Understand & Collaborate with the Project Geotechnical EOR

By: Matthew J Cramer, PE

The roles, responsibilities, and recommendations of the geotechnical engineer or geotechnical engineer of record can often be a source of confusion.  It may become even more confusing in situations such as multiple geotechnical firms engaged on a project (design vs. construction services), unforeseen circumstances/conditions, or incorrect initial assumptions/understandings.  This presentation will be a look into the roles and responsibilities of the geotechnical engineer of record based upon practice guides published by the Geoprofessional Business Association and personal experiences.  The presentation will also cover tips/topics for more productive and less confusing interactions between the geotechnical and structural engineers, including those times when structural engineers are asked to aid in developing RFP’s for geotechnical services.

Speaker Bio:

Matthew Cramer, P.E. is the President of GEOMAT Inc. a geotechnical engineering and materials testing/inspection firm with offices in Farmington and Rio Rancho/ABQ.  Mr. Cramer is an experienced geotechnical engineer having been involved with hundreds of geotechnical and earthwork projects in the Southwest of all types and sizes.  In addition to his geotechnical experience, Mr. Cramer also has a background in structural engineering having an M.S. in Civil Engineering (structural option) from NMSU and having been a structural project engineer early in his career.  This background in both disciplines provides him a unique perspective to the practice of geotechnical engineering and the implications simple confusion or misunderstandings has on geotechnical recommendations which ultimately impact the structural design of a project. 

Company Name: GEOMAT Inc

Company Title: President

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